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Alan Ponton

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Why cats are my favorite

Here's my experience with cats. From my first friendship with a tabby to my new preference of Siberian Seal Points. There's a purr-fect cat for everyone. 

Maine Coon

This was my third introduction to cats. His name was, "Theo", my grandmom's cat. He was the smartest of them all and most things didn't scare him. He though he was a lion. He used to lay in the middle of the floor, making people walk around him. I always though that was so cool. One day, a dog approached the porch and he scared it away and sat in front of the house for an hour to make sure he didn't return.  I'll always remember how brave he was.

Orange Tabby

This was my first introduction to cats. It was grandfather's cat, who was named, "Mona". She was mean to most people, but really nice to me. My secret... I would bring her cat treats every day after school. I was in 4th grade at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. My teacher name was Mrs. Cortelli <3

European Shorthair

This was my second introduction to cats. Her name was, "Peaches". She was my step-sister's cat. She was de-clawed as a kitty because she scratched up everything. She was really sweet and super spoiled, but can be a bitch sometimes Anyway, she would bite me when we played and then would come curl up in my lap minutes later to apologize. She was either bi-polar or really hated being de-clawed.

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